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Chris Kelly, one-half of the iconic 1990s rap duo Kriss Kross, is another sad entry on our list of drug users who ended up overdosing on illegal drugs. Her unexpected passing was a profound loss that was felt by her fans and fellow artists. Ari Lennox, Ella Mai, and Kehlani have all paid tribute to the promising young rapper. You know who else beat addiction sober rappers and got his own television show? Not that he’s totally out of the red zone (he recently had to close down a bunch of fast-food chicken restaurants), but at least he’s no longer battling an addiction to crack. In the early ’90s, Flav caught some flak from his fellow Public Enemy members for showing up late to shows, but they didn’t even know the real problem.

rappers with drug addiction

He was arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover officer at age 19. Beeson says these artists may refer to substance use in their music because it once was their reality. They may not have participated in drug use or heavy drinking prior to experiencing fame, but they were surrounded by these behaviors growing https://ecosoberhouse.com/ up. In songs and interviews, Jay-Z has discussed the ubiquity of drugs he saw while growing up in Brooklyn in the 1980s. The streets of New York were rife with illicit substances, and Jay-Z saw evidence of crack use everywhere. Beeson said alcohol mentions are not necessarily an endorsement of drinking.

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The “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper, Artis Leon Ivey Jr., tragically passed away on September 28, 2022, at the age of 59. The New Orleans rapper has been sippin’ and spittin’ about purple drank for years. He first came out about his addiction in 2008, but rumors of the toll it takes on his life continue into 2013. When he landed in a coma after suffering from severe seizures a few months ago, everyone pointed at a sizzurp OD as the cause, though Wayne claims to have suffered from epileptic seizures his whole life. Although Wayne popularized lean in the late 2000s, Houston group the Botany Boys were some of the first MCs to mention lean on wax.

rappers with drug addiction

Because it is cheaper and more readily available than powdered cocaine, crack quickly took hold in poor urban communities. To combat the influence of rap music on teen drug use, Herd recommended that parents monitor their children’s music. She said learning slang terms — such as “angel dust,” code for PCP — could help parents better detect their children’s substance use. Discover the devastating effects of krokodil heroin addiction.


Not many rappers have been in rehab twice, but Famous Dex has. The first time was in December 2020, when he voluntarily sought out professional help. Evidently, his first visit was not as effective as intended. Dex has had several legal issues throughout his career and has been arrested a few times. In June 2022, he violated a protective order filed against him by his ex-girlfriend and was subsequently sent to jail. When he was released in September of that year, the rapper reportedly headed straight to rehab in the hopes of finally achieving sobriety.